We have created a studio that is welcoming and non-judgemental.  Encouragement comes from students and teachers alike, creating a true community. 

Meet our teachers to get to know who will be helping you with what you need today...

  1. Michele MacLachlan
Owner and Teacher
    Michele MacLachlan Owner and Teacher
    Yoga has been such a wonderful gift in my life for both me and my family. I teach to be able to share this gift with others. Yoga is not about ‘nailing’ the pose although there can be satisfaction in that. Yoga is about using the asanas as tools to help us calm the mind and strengthen our bodies. To focus inward and pay attention to what we need each day. When we listen and adjust our practice to fit those needs we are truly practicing yoga.
  2. Debbie Wright
    Debbie Wright Teacher
    Yoga has been my exercise of choice for about eight years. Like most people I started doing yoga because I needed to become more flexible. It became more of a way of life as I began to advance and I found my connection to the breath and the meditative aspects of yoga. I was given an opportunity to become a teacher and have made in a way of life. I will practice yoga for the rest of my life.
  3. Jessica Dimino - Teacher
    Jessica Dimino - Teacher
    The practice of yoga has given me the tools to connect my mind to my body and really listen to what my body needs. From that connection I have been able to unravel a decade of chronic pain, pain which gets louder when the body feels it is being ignored. Navigating life with chronic pain has made me grateful for the softness and release that are a cornerstone of my yoga practice. Everyday life brings about enough strain and stress on the body and mind; on the mat I cultivate a sense of ease and surrender to gentler pace.
  1. Erica Quintana
    Erica Quintana Teacher
    I teach yoga because I find it rewarding to help students find their own benefits through yoga whether it be stress reduction, relief for common physical pains, or just some movement to break up the day. I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and have benefited immeasurably from my yoga practice in all facets of life. At different times and on different days yoga has provided me relief from back pain, the ability to focus and be patient, and stress relief. To me, yoga isn't easily defined or categorized in a neat little box. It's meaning in my life changes according to what I need in that moment. To me, this is the beauty of yoga.
  2. Courtney Ochs
    Courtney Ochs Teacher
    Yoga is my Sadhana- discipline in accomplishing goals, working on my daily practice, repeated practice with observation and reflection. Although Asana is only one of eight limbs of yoga, it’s the way I best connect with others through practice. I have largely studied Ashtanga Yoga under Tish Hegel and have used the Ashtanga sequence to build strength and endurance back after a few serious injuries. I teach the Ashtanga sequence, among other classes as well, primarily in the hopes of showing others that it can be done safely and without injury. I also enjoy sharing the rewards of the practice with others.
  3. Adam Brin
    Adam Brin Teacher
    I was introduced to Iyengar yoga when I was 10, and returned to it in 2005 seeking to improve balance. I have studied under Iyengar, Anusara, flow, and Ashtanga teachers and currently have a personal Ashtanga-based practice. With tight hamstrings, computer related repetitive strain issues, and migraine headaches, I have experienced the transformative ability of a patience practice to open up the body and quiet the mind, something I aspire to imbue in my classes. My teaching style is heavily informed by the anatomical and therapeutic approach of my mentors and relies on props, modifications, and time to make yoga accessible to everyone — from those brand new to those deepening their practice.
  1. Rebecca Auernheimer
    Rebecca Auernheimer Teacher
    My yoga journey started with a book on meditation which recommended gentle yoga as part of a daily mindfulness practice. Yoga helps me to release tension, clear out atrophy, and open up spaciousness in the tissues of the body, bringing me a sense of well-being and ease. My teaching style is focused on feeling into the pose, meeting resistance with breath and patience to gently encourage opening and release.
  2. Kari Ann Levine
    Kari Ann Levine Teacher
    Kari has personally explored and teaches various styles of yoga, including Astanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Meditation. Kari also incorporates energetic technologies from other spiritual traditions into her personal practice and yoga offerings, including Shamanic Drumming, Dance, Primal Movement, Reiki, Sound and Bhakti Yoga — or the Yoga of Devotion through Sanskrit Chanting. Regardless of the style, Kari’s intention is always to guide her students to experience the Divine — not somewhere out there, but rather within themselves. She is committed to being a perpetual student of her heart and soul — and sharing the wisdom she learns with others.